About us

Intirium is an on-line luxury business selling Italian furniture brands, kitchens & bathrooms throughout the world at unbeatable prices.

Following a marketing career in luxury goods with Garrard & Asprey, Intirium was founded in 2002 by Nadia Homa and has developed into a sizeable e-business offering customers an ever-increasing range of excellent brands and products: 'I was captivated by the idea of creating an internet business which would enable people with discerning taste to acquire fabulous luxury furniture brands at dramatic savings, at the same time offering the kind of service I always hope to receive but rarely do...'

Today, our team includes established European interior design retailers with over 30 years experience in sourcing the finest contemporary brands. They are all experts in their field, passionate about design and enjoy impressive product knowledge.

In 2010 we expanded into kitchens and bathrooms and now offer all the top German & Italian names. A dedicated team works directly with developers, architects and interior designers from all over the world.

Registered in England No 4530375,
Registered office:
Mountcliff House, 154 Brent Street, London NW4 2DR